Interesting Places & Curious Spaces…

Ludlow 1

Ludlow, Shropshire

As an archaeologist who has lived in this beautiful adopted town now for over twenty years, I have always been fascinated by its seductive and partly revealing archaeology, and of its obvious history and surrounding countryside…

But I have a deeper interest in what you can’t see, the archaeologically unobvious, the obscure, the hidden and the secret that this ancient town may conceal. As well as the obvious outside historical view that has been painted of the town, I have truly been fascinated by looking further and beyond into its mysterious depths…Intrigued by what’s been ignored and just what is beneath my feet…

                   DSC02921     DSC02923

Interesting spaces: Underneath some shops

Last year I started a project and a survey into The Subterranean Archaeology of Ludlow: An archaeological project to see whether or not there are any archaeological remains or traces of tunnels, passages or hidden subterranean entrances that may still survive in the town.                                                                                                                                                       Although they are not always obvious take a closer look around you because if you look hard enough you will find traces of the subterranean there upon the surface. Sometimes in front of you and sometimes in the most unobvious of places…


Leon Bracelin: Investigating a cellar

The project has resulted in surveying by evaluating, measuring, drawing and photographing key buildings around the town centre, on average 1 building a week in a year…                       The work continues and there are still more buildings and cellars to survey in order to build up a more accurate and up to date archaeological picture and database of Ludlow.

               DSC00669       DSC00092

              Some insights as to what lies beneath

Interesting Places & Curious Spaces…

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