Archaeology; Time Team, Treasure or KV62?

When we think of archaeology today many associate it to finding valuable treasure like Sutton Hoo the 6 -7 century  Anglo Saxon boat burial in East Anglia, Tutankhamen the Egyptian tombs found in 1922 (Found in the chamber KV62)  and the Staffordshire hoard found in a field in Britain in 2009.

Tutenkamun             Dinham Dagger

Tutankhamen                            Dinham Dagger pommel 7th C

The TV programme ‘Time Team’ gave us over 20 years of filming archaeology on many investigations, and a general insight into some of the processes of how archaeology works. This great work has placed the basis of archaeology into the homes of millions of people…

We have to ask on a broader scope are we really like magpies, are we really attracted to the ‘bling’ and the shiny objects that shine like the sun? Maybe in some cases but generally not, because deep down as you look and contemplate further then it becomes apparent that the most important aspect to archaeology is…. people, like you and I.


The fact is archaeology is not about treasure, things, objects and digging stuff up, but is finding out about people, who they are, how and why they do things… The reality is archaeology is concerned with not just finding things but finding out things…

This project is directed on not just about revealing the archaeology and entrances that may be hidden, but actually bringing what I am seeing and discovering archaeologically in this town to the everyday person. Many people have an interest in archaeology who come from different backgrounds and I as an archaeologist want to make it comprehensible, understandable and reachable to everybody. Archaeology is for the people partly because it is your heritage…

Archaeology; Time Team, Treasure or KV62?