The Hidden & Unusual

Consider this…

How often do we consider what is beneath our feet as we walk the pavements in our towns and cities? Not often…

After all the subterranean landscape is hidden from view, and what we don’t see we don’t think of, it simply does not exist in our world

DSCF0052                   The Readers House: A Jacobean porch on the back of a stone medieval building?

But it is there if you know where to look, and if you look you can see…

20141105_113100Caves somewhere in Shropshire…


An examination into the Subterranean is a rich blend of fact and fiction….

Most subterranean related landscapes usually are associated with the underworld, hidden depths, mystery, mythology, mazes (defining our perception of the undergrounds orientation to us) and secrecy of some kind or another which is just what humans have done over many thousands of years…plus some dodgy dealings.

Know no Boundaries…

What is above….Is not below…

DSCF2442Double staircase at Castle Lodge…

On the surface the perception of the boundaries of the landscape is mainly defined by buildings pavements, streets and roads in urban areas, whereas in rural areas the wider landscape definition can be geographical, such as smugglers caves from the sea to shore

15219198Underground wherever you are the boundaries can be very different…to the surface

Buildings that we see on the surface define our perception of use of space and it is hard to relate to the different use that happens below our feet now let alone its past use. Underground utilities such as fresh and waste water are a good example of subterranean activity that goes on even though we can’t see it.

All around us the urban and rural landscape is constantly changing and we forget how much our perception is defined by the physicality of what we can see on the surface.

This project is bringing me to some very unusual places, things and spaces….












The Hidden & Unusual

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