Evolution and Subterranean hidden depths…To any Investigation

.A rule of thumb for all budding archaeologists is to know the time spent in excavation / survey equates to the time spent writing it up, that is one day for excavation is one day for writing it up.

Problems that have and still hamper archaeological investigation is the amount of data from excavation and survey has not had the appropriate write up or publications. This leaves a backlog of data which has been left unfinished in turn this cannot be used or  utilised by other related investigations.The data becomes inconsistent and cannot tell us anything  leaving too many unanswered questions

Always tie up loose ends and realise that any work that is undertaken can / will  be added to and explored upon progressing other work which can highlight a bigger picture, in turn giving clearer answers

Roundab C1

The Subterranean investigation reached its pinnacle late last year and only now has been written up after data collection

What was found after 66 cellars surveyed where ….

5 cellars had direct evidence of subterranean blocked entrances



DSC01124  DSC00669 DSC00967

12 Cellars where found to have been filled in

1 Medieval drawbridge foundation and feature where found….

The Ludlow Subterranean investigation has for the time being concluded the first phase of study. The study will be ongoing and new cellars will be surveyed and recorded as they become available…..

Hidden depths have become truly fascinating

Evolution and Subterranean hidden depths…To any Investigation

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