Ludlow Castle: 12th C Norman Castle


The season is soon to start again for visitors to this unique monument…

Last year I was appointed by the Ludlow Castle and its custodian to be it’s very first ‘Resident Archaeologist’ which has been a real honor. Not only is this monument key to my PhD studies and the medieval artefacts of the town, it also gives me the opportunity to engage with the public and guide them as a professional around this fantastic monument. The archaeology of this monument has never been looked at sine 1903 let alone discussed and now is a real opportunity to bring it into the light and let it shine…

Here are some of the archaeological tours with the visitors I did last year 2016 during the end of the summer. We had a fantastic array of people with various interests and much has been learned by all…

Here is to another fortuitous year 2017


the-outer-gatehouse-entrance-into-the-castle-from-the-east-tudor-times-2015    img_4637










Ludlow Castle: 12th C Norman Castle

ARCHLUDLOW; The archaeology of a unique medieval market town in South Shropshire


A blog all about the current archaeological investigations that I am conducting in the small medieval market town of Ludlow South Shropshire…

 I have been working as a professional archaeologist for over 20 years as a professional working up and down the country and abroad on private investigations, and excavations for various companies and county units. I have lived in Ludlow since 1994 after coming in from the east coast in Essex.

I will be adding all archaeological content that I discover on my journey as it happens along the way now into 2017 and beyond. Currently I have gone back to study a PhD at Worcester University and am researching the medieval artefacts of the town by excavating a series of test pits around the historic core of the town.

All the Archaeological work and Investigations that I am conducting I will post and keep updated along the way for those that are interested which includes…

  1. Ludlow Medieval Artefact Study – Test Pit Excavations their finds from the field, and the museum process of studying the artefacts from my PhD work

img_4342        img_4676

2. Ludlow Castle updates – My work as the Resident Archaeologist of Ludlow Castle

3. Rescue Excavations I will be working on up and down the country


4. Ludlow’s Subterranean Archaeological Investigation – Updated new and intereasting cellars investigated. My first archaeological investigation into the town was the Subterranean Archaeological project in 2015 which you can read from the previous posts…

















ARCHLUDLOW; The archaeology of a unique medieval market town in South Shropshire