Ludlow Castle ‘Archaeology Discovery Week’ 8th April – 16th April 2017




This Easter Ludlow Castle and myself as the resident archaeologist are producing an ‘Archaeological Discovery Week’ here inside the castle.

Archaeology Discovery week starts during the first week of the Easter holidays from Saturday 8th – 16th April. Come along and enjoy this public event to help raise the awareness of the fascinating archaeology of the 11th century monument and the town.

There’s all things archaeological going on inside that you can see and do, and William St John Hope from the Victorian era will be appearing.  Look out for him on the weekends alongside other characters, giving an insight into what was first discovered at the monument on the first excavation in 1903…

If you can’t get there during the week then by all means come along and have yourself a dirty weekend… will be great fun!


Other activities during the week will also include

  • Lectures will be given in the castle on all aspects of the Castles archaeology and in relation to that of the town. These will be given at the weekends and throughout the week

IMG_5708    135-Plan-of-Ludlow-Castle-q75-467x500

  • Small scale excavation for children (and adults)in the outer bailey whereby you can get some practical insights into excavation processes.

IMG_5947         DSC00725

  • Town archaeological tours visiting some of Ludlow’s medieval military archaeological remains that link to the castle.

IMG_4573  Friends Tour H

8th – 16th APRIL 2017


Ludlow Castle ‘Archaeology Discovery Week’ 8th April – 16th April 2017

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